How to Draw the Musical Notes On the Staff?

Musical sounds are represented by notes. The sound pitch is represented by drawing these signs on the different lines and spaces of the staff. We have seven musical notes, which, ordered from low to high, form the musical scale. The notes are: DO, RE, MI, FA, SOL, LA and SI. To place the notes, which due to their height cannot be represented within the staff, small lines are used that momentarily extend the extension of the musical pattern. These signs are called additional lines.

Instructions for drawing musical notes on the staff

  1. To be able to draw musical notes on the staff, we must first know what the staff is and what the notes, musical figures and keys are.
  2. The staff is the place where the notes and all other musical signs are written. It has five lines and four spaces, numbered from bottom to top. The lines are horizontal, straight and equidistant.
  3. Musical notes are the symbols and names that receive the sounds of the diatonic scale, which are 7: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La Si
  4. The musical figures are the symbols with which the notes are represented and indicate their duration: round, half note, quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, fusa and semifusa. In the order in which they are written, each one lasts twice as long as the one that follows it.
  5. The function of the keyis to associate the musical notes with the lines or spaces of the staff.
  6. The treble clef, which begins to be drawn on the second line, indicates that the SOL note is located on the second line of the staff.
  7. Let’s place them on the pentagram
  8. We draw the treble clef on the staff from the second line. The note drawn on the second line is called SOL
  9. In the next space (second) up will be LA
  10. On the next line (third) will be YES
  11. In the next space (third) will be DO
  12. On the fourth line will be RE
  13. In the fourth space is MI
  14. On the fifth line is FA
  15. On the fifth line is SOL
  16. On the fifth line is MI
  17. And you can keep adding additional lines to represent more notes.
  18. If we return to the SOL, in the previous space will be FA
  19. In the previous line, in the first will be My
  20. Below the first line will be RE
  21. And you can keep adding additional lines and rendering more notes

What do you need to draw the musical notes on the staff?

  • pentagram paper
  • Pencil
  • A lot of practice

Tips for drawing musical notes on the staff

  • Sometimes we talk about notes and figures interchangeably, however we must clarify the difference.
  • The musical notes are: DO RE MI FA SOL LA SI
  • The treble clef is the most used to learn the notes on the staff.
  • Watch our video to learn how to draw musical notes on the staff

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