How to Learn to Draw in Pencil

If you want to know how to learn to draw in pencil, you should know that it is one of the most used methods in the art of illustration, such as in sketches, and that it is necessary to follow a series of steps in order to master this technique. For this there are different methods that you will be able to find in this article, thanks to which you will be able to master the drawing.

Thanks to the methods that we are going to talk about, you can start to get started in the world of drawing or expand your knowledge if you have already started in it. However, you should know that you need patience, dedication and effort to master it completely.

If you want to learn pencil drawing techniques, it is recommended that you follow a series of techniques to achieve the best results and thus improve your talent. In this way you will be able to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to draw landscapes, people, etc.

Instructions to learn to draw in pencil

  1. Drawing of human forms. First of all, you must learn to draw human forms or full body drawings. For this, it is best to visualize anatomy or gymnastics books. This way you can look at the muscles and the appearance of the human body.
  2. Once you have mastered human forms it is important that you use perspective. The variation in size of an object as it moves away is very important in learning to give realism to drawings. Although it may seem very complicated at first, it is not. To do this, you must draw the closest elements larger and with greater detail and those that are in the background with less detail and smaller size.
  3. If you want to continue evolving in your drawings and you have already mastered the above, you must draw something that is in front of you, be it a photograph or a model. Learning to draw something in front of you will go a long way toward improving your skills. It is important that you do the drawing as fast as you can because in this way your brain will learn to recognize the most important information in the drawing. It is important that you observe and draw the basic shapes and proportions over the details of the image.
  4. Create sketches. Before getting a final image it is important that you make several sketches. This way you can study the composition and details. It is recommended to start with a miniature one.
  5. Keep in mind the basic shapes. The basic shapes are the basis of the drawing, and should always start with them, these being the shape of the nose, the shape of the head, the shape of the eyes and the shape of the mouth. In this way you will know how to give the appropriate dimension to the drawing.
  6. proportions. It is very important that you learn to master the proportions between the different objects. In this way you will achieve greater realism in your drawings.

To master every aspect of pencil drawing you should keep in mind that there are many different techniques, so it is advisable to find a technique that is appropriate for the aspect in which you want to improve. Some common techniques are: Cross Hatching, Circularize, Shading, Outline, Hatching, Stipping, Smoothing…

What do you need to learn to draw in pencil?

  • Pencils
  • appropriate paper
  • smudger
  • Eraser

Tips for learning to draw in pencil

  • It is important that you draw every day in order to improve your learning. You must do it even if they are small drawings or only 5 minutes. Being able to practice daily will make your strokes come out more loosely, at the same time that it will allow you to master the force you must apply when making the different strokes.
  • On the other hand, you must evaluate your mistakes. It is normal that when you start drawing you have mistaken. To observe them better you can use a mirror to see the reflected drawing or observe it from other positions.
  • Always carry a pencil and notebook with you, so that you can take advantage of every free moment you have to draw whatever is the first thing you see, which will allow you to acquire greater skill and encourage your creativity. In this way you will be more versatile and learn to master different types of drawings and shapes. All this will help you in your learning, thanks to practice.
  • If you like drawings based on your imagination, try to get inspired by visualizing magazines, newspapers or photos. However, do not try to copy it, but pay attention to the details and the technique to be creative and make your own drawing.
  • Avoid the use of instruments such as compass or rulers. You should try to do all your drawing freehand. Although it is much more complicated for you, the result will be more natural and also realistic, so that you will gradually acquire greater skill and ability in pencil drawing.
  • Try to make small sketches, so that it will be easier for you to visualize the different elements that make up the drawing together, in addition to evaluating their different proportions and deciding the size that each of the elements should have in the final drawing that you make.
  • When choosing the colors of your drawing you should not think of them as a set, but you should try to combine the colors both by tone and saturation. Always use the same range of colors.

With all these tips you can get started in pencil drawing. As you practice, you will be able to acquire more knowledge and skill until you can draw like a professional, thus obtaining the best results.

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