How to Reuse Glass Bottles?

At present, more and more people are fully aware of caring for the environment. For this reason, the commitment to recycling and reuse of different materials is essential. This time we are going to explain how to reuse glass bottles.

In this way you can give a second life to all those glass bottles that accompany you in your day to day and that can have some very interesting uses. The possibilities with these containers are numerous.

In fact, surely on more than one occasion, especially if you are committed to caring for and preserving the environment and the planet, you have wondered what to do with so many glass bottles that accumulate in your home and that you must recycle. For this reason, we are going to give you a series of ideas that will help you to use them to decorate, since they have many more possibilities than you can imagine. In fact, it’s a fun, eco-friendly, and cheap way to redecorate your home.

How to recycle glass bottles?

As we have mentioned, there are different ways to give a second life to your glass bottles. Here are some ideas for it.

chalkboard paint

If you want to recycle the bottles in an original way, a good option for this is to use blackboard paint on them, so that you give them a different and original finish. In addition, you can write messages or draw pictures on them, or simply indicate what you have put in the bottle.

You can also use them for a special celebration, such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday, being a very original way to decorate homes or events. These bottles with chalkboard paint can help you to have a very original vase of flowers.

Use them as candles

Another original and creative way to give glass bottles a new use is to turn them into candles, which can help you give a romantic and/or warm touch to illuminate the nights on a terrace or on a table. It is very simple to do and even if you add citronella it will help you to deal with mosquitoes, which are so annoying during the summer.

You can also decorate them with garlands of lights of different colors and thus give a special touch to any corner both inside and outside the home, a simple way to give them a new and interesting use.

A third option in this sense is to use them as candle holders, thus achieving a very practical and interesting effect.

Reuse glass bottles also in the bathroom

A very interesting idea to give them a new use is to turn glass bottles into soap dishes for the bathroom. Without a doubt, it is a very original option and one that will surely surprise your visitors.

For this type of purpose, it is advisable to use bottles of well-known brands of Whiskey, Rum, Gin…, thanks to which you can give a touch that will surprise everyone. It is one of the most original ways to give glass bottles a second life.

Use them as vases

Using glass bottles as vases is one of the most classic uses for those occasions when you want to give these containers a second life. Despite the fact that they have been used for this for many years, the reality is that it is still a great option to place plants in it and make a very special result.

In fact, you can cut them in different ways and include different elements inside, being able to use them with many different objects to give them a special touch. In recent years they have even been a regular decoration element at weddings and other special events.

Likewise, you can paint them, being a recommendation to do it inside, which gives a very colorful and showy result. To do this you can combine different paintings that you will let slide through its interior or just one. It is a perfect way to use them for a decorative purpose.

Use them as lamps

You can also turn your leftover glass bottles into modern lamps, a very creative option to give a different touch to your kitchen or living room. Making a lamp with transparent bottles is an excellent alternative.

Use it as terrariums

Terrariums are still very fashionable, as are mini-gardens; and you may not have thought of using glass bottles for it. Just by making a cut in them you can create terrariums for your plants, which will help you to decorate any corner of the home in a special way.

You can place them both vertically and by cutting them at the top and making them decorate horizontally, as if they were pots. In addition, they have the advantage that they need very little care and can help you achieve a charming corner in your own home.

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