How to Reuse Used Tires

When the time comes to change the tires of your motorcycle, or replace those of your car, you should know that you have the possibility of giving them other uses beyond their use as in vehicles. Recycling tires can allow you to enjoy a perfect decorative element.

With a little imagination you can decorate your home without investing a lot of money, tires being one of those elements that, although it may seem strange to many people, can be used a lot in terms of decoration.

Recycling is important to contribute to caring for the environment, which is why we are going to explain how to reuse used tires, so that you can make them continue to be present in your life, although in a very different way than they used to. Until now. This is a good way to be able to recycle things that no longer serve you and turn them into decorative and functional objectives.

However, before explaining some ideas so you can give your old tires a second use, we recommend that you clean them thoroughly before giving them any other use. Since they are parts that are always in contact with the ground, they can be very dirty.

Recycling tires to make furniture

Old tires can be used to make a lot of different pieces of furniture. With a little imagination you can give them a new use both indoors and outdoors of the home; thus giving a touch of originality to your home.

Seats or tables with tires

As we have mentioned, the limit is in your creativity and imagination. However, to help you, we are going to give you a series of ideas so that you can create your own tables or seats with this element:

  • Lined wheels: One of the most interesting options if your intention is to use them inside your house is to line them. For this you can use jute rope or paint them in a color that you find interesting.
  • Seat: If you want to use it as a seat, it is enough that you place some wooden boards on its upper part or make a framework of ropes. You can cover all this so that at first glance the appearance is much more attractive and according to the style of the room in which you are going to place it.
  • Garden table: A very original option if you are looking for how to reuse used tires is to resort to using a pair of tires stacked, one on top of the other and placing a glass (preferably circular) on top of it. With only these elements you will get a very original table. You can leave them in their natural color, but it is always preferable that you paint the tires in the color that you like the most.

pet beds

If you don’t have a large dog or cat and they have a hard time fitting inside a wheel, used tires can be made into a perfect pet bed.

You just have to clean the wheel, paint it the color you prefer and place it in the area of ​​your home where you want it to be located. You put a cushion inside it and you will have a new bed, for very little money.

Tires for object storage

This idea is very simple, since it is enough for you to paint the tire in a tone that matches the decoration of the place where you are going to place it and build a cover with wood or another material for the upper part and another for the lower part. In this way you can create a small storage to store objects.

If you want, you can even stack multiple tires and link them together to create ample storage for storing items; for example, a child’s toys.

garden pots

The use of tires as a garden pot is one of the most common applications for this type of object. Despite this, it continues to be a very original way of placing plants inside.

Thanks to the used wheels you will be able to place a pot painted with the colors you prefer outdoors to place it around the garden, attached to a wall or even making a hanging pot. The possibilities in this regard will depend on your own originality and creativity.

Use the tire as a swing or seesaw

Another frequent but very interesting use is to take advantage of the used tire to create the typical garden tree swing. It is as simple as attaching some chains to it (make sure they are well secured to support the weight) and you will have your own swing.

Alternatively, with half tires, placing a wooden plank on top of it and a couple of items to hold on to, you can create your own seesaw with used tires, perfect for the little ones in the home to have a place to have fun.

Both options are perfect for children, allowing them to have a new toy with minimal cost.

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