What Is a Monogram and How to Make One?

There are many ways to represent a brand, whether by resorting to the use of logos, isotypes, imago types, or a fairly classic one, monograms. A monogram is nothing more than the representation of a symbol built from the use of letters. Being usually the initials of a name, a company, among others.

The letters have been throughout history an excellent way to represent something, not only that, but by themselves they are capable of transmitting a message. Therefore, monograms only allow us to merge these two features of the letters, resulting in an emblem or icon, which serves as a visual representative of a brand. Now, making a monogram is not as easy as it may seem at first, and if you thought it was something as crude as just mixing two letters, I’m afraid you’re very wrong.

In this post we are going to explain how you can design a monogram, which is memorable, legible and simple. Following an applicable technique for any style design. So without further ado, let’s start with the topic at hand.

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Differences between a Monogram, an anagram and a pictogram.

First of all, we must be able to differentiate the different types of emblems that can be made using letters. Since although monograms are the most popular, the truth is that not every emblem or icon that uses letters can be classified as such. Below we explain the differences between each one.


The monogram can be distinguished as an emblem that uses letters to form a new icon. A Monogram does not use the letters as an element which can be read, rather, its priority is simply to use the letters, or their shapes, to create a new visually appealing icon. Examples of monograms can be found in the following brands: Louis Vuitton, LG and IBM.


The anagram is, like the monogram, an emblem or logo built from letters. However, it has the ability to be read just by seeing it. While the monogram is an emblem it cannot or should not necessarily be read. An example of what an anagram is would be the brands: Seat, FedEx and Renfe. They are all logos built using letters, but with the particularity that they can be read.

Also say that an Anagram can be built with acronyms, either merged or individual. An example of this is found with the Lavanex brand, which mixes acronyms of the words Lavandería, and Express.


Finally, the pictogram is a symbol which does not focus on representing brands using letters, but instead tries to shape a symbolic aspect of the brand. What’s more, you can even try to represent something more abstract like the values ​​you are trying to convey. To better understand this, a good example of what a pictogram is found in the Playboy logo or the Apple logo.

How to make a Monogram?

Now that we know how to differentiate the monogram from the rest, the next thing is to understand how to make your own monogram. To do this, we will explain it with a list of tips or recommendations that, if you follow it correctly, you may end up making your own emblem with letters.

  • Look for similarities in the stroke of the letters. An excellent way to make a monogram is to look for similar strokes between the letters that you intend to merge for the monogram. To give you an example, the letter H and L have straight strokes in their shape, which means that it is much easier to merge these letters, just by combining their strokes.
  • Mix a letter and a concept. One way to make a monogram is by taking an L, and then trying to merge it with some concept related to the brand. To give you an example, if you mix the letter M with the concept of fire. Or the O with the sun.
  • Merge a style with the letters. If you do not feel able to mix a concept with a letter, and you do not find similar lines in the letters that you try to merge for your monogram. Your last resort may be to try to mix the letters with a style. For example, if you want to go for something elegant and feminine, make sure your monogram strokes are thin and curved. That generally helps to come up with such a style.

This is how we conclude with the writing of this entry. We hope that all the information shared has been very useful to you. And now you have a much clearer idea of ​​how to create your own monogram.

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