Why Is the Series Cancelled?

There are times when a series that we love very much reaches the sad news that it is canceled or they finish it without any ending. One would take time to notice if you watch it on television. But if you watch it online or you like to know about the latest updates of the series. You will be able to know that unfortunately the series ended suddenly. Leaving you with the doubts of how the conclusion of the story of which the creator or creator and the writers were forming and planning the end would be.

There are always various reasons, like the team was fired and with that the series had to be finished. Even if the team behind the development of the series leaves, the company can choose whether to hire another group of people to continue the series, or just end it just like that. It is usually the second option, unless the series in question has a good popularity and the company wants to keep milking it as much as possible.

In this article I will tell you the 3 basic reasons why the series, whether animated or not. It is canceled or it is never finished. So let’s get started.

explicit content

This reason only applies to series that are broadcast on programs whose main audience is children. It can be any level of explicit content; it can be verbal or physical. But even in the slightest, the company can modify the schedule where the series is broadcast to a time when almost all the public is not active, such as at night. Or you can cancel it.

That is why many series are limited to showing that content. And let’s not talk about sexual, that is basically unknown in the series for the whole family. Of course. They can draw the female characters with their features and bodies of which the cartoonists want. As long as they don’t show a sexual scene with that character, or it’s slightly bawdy, even a dance which the camera angle helps make the scene look sexual.

This in the series that are for an older audience, or basically it is an adult series, it will not have those inconveniences. Being able to show all the explicit content they want and still not be canceled by that topic.

strong themes

Starting from topics that children deserve to be educated about, such as the exploration and normalization of the LGBT+ community. Even topics that are murky like rape, etc.

That is why currently the current series deal with common themes, they do not explore more about it because they do not want to, but because they are afraid that their series will be canceled. In the LGBT+ community they must do it but too hidden, to the point where a child would not notice it. Whether 2 people of the same gender treat each other as beyond a strengthened friendship. Or that the creator said in an interview that the character is gay. They can do that, since the children will not see the interview since they only care about watching the chapter and that’s it.

The company cancels the series, for the simple fact of being calm for the parents, since they are the main reason why the series is canceled due to that issue. Because later the parents will unite to protest either in person or on social networks. To the company to take the series off the screen.

lack of public

Being the latter, which can affect even adult series. It’s when the company notices that a certain series isn’t getting the audience it thought it would. Either because nobody is interested in seeing it, its poor placement of the schedule and/or its poor promotion by the company. This being the most common.

There is also a fourth, which is also starting to become common. And it is piracy. You may be a big fan of your show, but if you watch it illegally, don’t be impressed why it’s cancelled. Since the external page where you are seeing it is not owned by the company, so they will not be able to notice the profits they obtained with the series. Which is noticeable, with the products that were sold, and even more so with the audience. Which is the one they trust the most.

They can be one of both. But currently it can be noticed more because a large part of the public watches it through external sites, and not on official streaming services. Like Netflix, and etc.

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