How to Beatbox

The world of music contemplates many more areas than singing well, which although it is important, we must be aware that there are alternative options. For years, many people have been interested in knowing how to beatbox, something that may seem very complicated, but is really not that complicated if you know the basic techniques.

However, as with learning to sing, it is something that requires a lot of practice. It is necessary to develop a good sense of rhythm and take into account a series of tips that are key to being able to advance and end up mastering the technique. If you want to know how to beatbox we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Instructions for beatboxing

If you want to know how to beatbox, you must follow the following steps, which are recommendations and phases that are very necessary to try to achieve the best results and end up mastering this technique. The steps to follow are those:

  1. In the first step you should know that there are several sounds that you must master. There are three basic beatbox sounds to start with, like the classic bass drum (b), cymbals (t), and snare drum (pf). You should practice these sounds with an eight beat rhythm like: but pf t / but pf t. You need to make sure that the timing is going well as far as time is concerned.
  2. hype. The simplest way to make the classic kick drum sound is to pronounce the letter B. To make it with more attack and volume you must do a lip oscillation; and let the air vibrate between the lips. When you manage to do it, you will have to make a small oscillation between the lips, controlling the air outlet so that they vibrate briefly.
  3. Then you will have to try to duplicate the hi hat cymbals. You should produce a TS sound but with your lips closed or slightly closed. To do this you will have to move the tip of the tongue towards the front; behind the front teeth for a softer sound; and to try a stronger sound you will have to look for the sound of the letter t.
  4. When you master it, it will be time to try to search for these dishes successively, which is in a more advanced plan. Trying to achieve the” tktktktksound, using the front half of your tongue to reproduce the “k” sound.
  5. Next it will be time to practice the drum sound. The easiest way to do this is to try saying the letter P. However, the sound of the letter P is too quiet, so trying different techniques to make it louder. One of them is to exhale simultaneously so that it looks like an F; and another is to do a lip oscillation, drawing air between the lips causing them to vibrate.
  6. Once you really master all of the above, it will be time to try other intermediate techniques. Once you have mastered the first three you can move on to more difficult sounds. All of them will need a lot of practice.
  7. Then you can try to find the development of a good bass drum sound. To achieve this, you will have to squeeze your lips together, to exert pressure with your tongue and jaw, placing your tongue in the front of your mouth and closing your jaw simultaneously. You must let the air out between the lips, taking the pressure to the sides and thus producing the classic sound of the bass drum. You can add more pressure from the lungs, but try not to make it a very airy sound.
  8. When you are comfortable with this sound, you can progressively tighten your lips; This will force more air out of your lips to produce a nice kick drum sound.
  9. Then try adding a snare to the drum to add snare to your mix. First you must say “ish”, and then say “ish” without the “sh” at the end, and in this way you will be able to train your throat, until you master the sound perfectly.
  10. Another intermediate technique is to add a saliva drummer. A spit snare, known as a spit snare, is primarily used on trap beats as it is a fast and very defined sound. You could also hum along with the sound for more musicality. However, it is a sound that is difficult to learn, so you have to be patient.

These are basic sounds that you must learn and some intermediate ones. However, if you want to know how to beatbox professionally, you will have to do a lot of practice with the different sounds. This is key to being able to achieve the best results, a practice that can be complicated but that should never come down, since with practice it will be achieved.

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