How to Interpret Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are very popular in our culture and are always linked to a universe full of mysticism and all kinds of beliefs. Knowing how to interpret and how to read tarot cards is different, and it can help you to know some details of matters that are going to happen to you or to the person who is participating in what is going to happen in the future.

The tarot goes beyond the horoscope and the signs of the Zodiac and implies having greater knowledge in order to carry out a correct interpretation of the signs that appear on the cards.

Reading tarot cards is something that may seem completely incomprehensible to the vast majority of people, who do not know the ins and outs of these. However, it must be taken into account that their interpretation is not so simple since it is based, in large part, on the natural capacity of the person who reads them. This person must be able to capture the spirit that they transmit and the meaning of the images that are represented in the cards.

All this implies an important dose of sensitivity. Thanks to it, it is possible to know the meaning of what the cards want to convey and thus be able to express it later with words. This necessary effort to know how to interpret the tarot cards is not related to memorizing images, but to identify the meaning of the cards, both separately and associated with the rest of the others that influence each one. Without a doubt, tarot is an art.

tarot cards

To know how to interpret tarot cards, it is essential to know the cards, which are divided into major arcana and minor arcana, as well as their meaning.

major arcana

The major arcana is made up of 22 cards, in which there are very precise representations. They can only be used at certain points in the reading of the cards, so their symbiology should not be coldly assessed.

Each of them has its own meaning that you should know and that varies depending on the print run. Depending on whether it goes to the right or does it the other way around, they have completely opposite meanings.

minor arcana

The minor arcana has much more precise meanings. These concern the everyday life and affections of people in the minutest and most concrete details.

They are many more than the major arcana in terms of number. While the latter were, in total 22 letters; here we find a division of four groups of 14 cards, that is, a total of 56 cards. Each of them is numbered from 1 to 10 and four are responsible for representing the jack, the knight, the king and the queen. His suits are swords, clubs, cups, and golds. Each of them has its own meaning and symbols.

A curiosity about it is that the suits are combined with references to astrology. In this way, gold belongs to the earth element; the wands to the fire element; the cups to the water element; and the swords to the air element.

The meanings of the suits can be different, and from the point of view of numerology, the cards of the minor arcana have a specific meaning. In this case, divination must be attended to, regardless of the suit to which it belongs.

Instructions for interpreting tarot cards

If you want to know how to interpret tarot cards, you must follow a series of steps to do so, although it will be with practice that you will be able to better master this “art”:

  1. The first thing you should do is start working on the physicality of the cards and the link you can have with them. That is, you must start looking at them, touching them, shuffling them and making random rolls to be able to appreciate how they combine with each other. That is, you should familiarize yourself as much as possible with them.
  2. The next thing you have to do is find a place to be able to do these tarot spreads. It should be a space where you feel that you will be free of negative energies, as well as isolated from noise or other things that may distract you. This is important in order to interpret the cards properly.
  3. Before you begin to know how to interpret the tarot cards,you must be aware that you have to be in harmony with your mind and your being in general, as well as fully prepared for everything the cards can say. Reading tarot cards is a procedure that requires large doses of delicacy, as well as caution and a lot of calm. Therefore, silence and your concentration must always be very present.
  4. When you are prepared according to the above, it will be time to start getting to know the cards well. You should know that the reading varies depending on each throw, especially if the cards fall upside down or upside down.
  5. Later you will have to study the meaning of each card, so that from it you can interpret them according to each print run. The normal thing when you have practice is to throw around 8 or 9 cards, although if you are starting, it is preferable that you do it with three and gradually increase.

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