How to Compose a Rock Song?

Rock is one of the most popular genres in the world of music, being perfect for being very versatile and fun, as well as offering many possibilities for rockers when it comes to making their own compositions.

When making rock songs, different aspects must be taken into account, bearing in mind that in order to know how to compose a rock song, it must be taken into account that there are an infinite number of different styles, and that it is associated with many musical styles. In this way, we can find rock ballads, Hard-Rock, Rock and Roll, R&B, Folk-Rock, etc.

If you are passionate about music, specifically rock or if you simply want to learn how to compose a song, we are going to explain what you should do. However, it is important that you keep in mind that mastering this art requires a lot of practice and perseverance.

Instructions to compose a rock song

If you want to know how to compose a rock song, it is important that you take into account a series of key aspects. Next, we are going to explain the steps you must follow, although you must bear in mind that there is no secret formula for it.

The general and basic steps that every composer must follow to create their songs are the following:

  1. Listen to music. In the first place it is very important that, before starting to compose, you listen to music. However, this should not be just your favorite music, since a good composer listens to everything. Although a priori you may think that it has nothing to do with what you intend to create, the reality is that knowing the movements, rhythm… of different genres will help you broaden your knowledge and find better compositions.
  2. Analyze the structure of the songs. It is advisable that you always find yourself with a pencil and paper to make an analysis of the structure of the songs. You will find some songs that you will like more than others, which you can use to analyze. Break down the way they are composed, with their verses, choruses, the function of the choirs and instrument, the instrumental part… Analyzing them and learning to play them is key to being able to create your own songs later.
  3. Analyze as many songs as possible. In addition to composing melodies and focusing in part on its instrumental side, it is important that you deeply know as many songs as possible, especially the styles that most attract you. A good way to do this is by translating the lyrics in other languages ​​into your language. Write them down and learn the structures and other aspects of each of them.
  4. Always carry a notebook with you. It is advisable that wherever you go you always carry a notebook and a pen with you. In this way, every time an idea or a phrase occurs to you, you can write it down immediately so you don’t forget it. Although it may seem unimportant to you, the reality is that it is really useful. You can also use your smartphone, although it is really better to do it in a notebook.
  5. Learn to play an instrument. To be able to compose rock songs in the most appropriate way, it is highly recommended that you learn to play an instrument. If you want to be a good rock composer, it is essential that you master the guitar and the piano, since in this way you will have the necessary knowledge to be able to create the bases and melodies of your songs.
  6. Share your creations. It will be useless for you to create your songs if you reserve them only for yourself. It is recommended that you share it with other people, whether they are friends, acquaintances, family members…, or even using social networks or platforms such as YouTube. In this way you will be able to know opinions and value those that are constructive in order to improve.
  7. Always try to improve. Despite the fact that you have been able to create a song that becomes viral and is a success, you should not get carried away and relax. The key in the world of musical composition is to keep working constantly to try to improve and continue to evolve. A great mistake of composers is to get carried away when they achieve a successful composition. Always try to improve yourself and thus achieve better creations.
  8. Think of the people. When you compose your rock songs you should not think about yourself, but about the people, that your music is addressed to. Logically, you must also like it yourself, especially if you are the one who is going to interpret it. However, what you should look for is to put yourself in the place of the people. In this way, you will be able to know if your creation can fit the tastes of your audience and this will help you when it comes to giving it the most appropriate approach.

Taking all these points into account, it will be much easier for you to achieve a great rock song creation.

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