What Is a Poster Artist?

In the world there are many trades of all kinds, especially if we focus on graphic design or plastic arts. Today, for example, we would like to talk in greater depth about the poster artist’s job, explaining what it is and what its tasks are. Although more importantly, how to make a living being one. Well, we believe that it is a very useful hobby, and that it has more presence than you think in the world of design. After all, the letters are present everywhere, and they are an excellent resource to convey messages or represent a brand.

To begin with, let’s clarify that a poster artist is not one who takes a poster and does somersaults with it. Very similar to what we have seen in some movies or television series, NO. The job of a poster designer has nothing to do with it, since it is more related to graphic design and lettering.

Later we will talk in detail about lettering, but for now, if for you it is the first time you have heard this word. Let me tell you that lettering is the art of drawing letters, as simple as that. Just as calligraphy is the art of writing letters with beauty, lettering drinks more from both digital and manual illustration to create its pieces.

Poster artist is not the same as lyricist.

With this peculiar subtitle, we will start the explanation that he is a poster artist, and in this way he takes advantage of correcting a popular error. You see, many people believe that the lettering professional should be called a “lyricist”. However, if we consult in a dictionary what is the definition of said word. We will find that a lyricist is in charge of writing the lyrics of a song.

Obviously this is not what a lettering professional is dedicated to, so it is wrong to use that term to refer to them. The correct thing is to be called poster artists, since it is more similar to the work that is done with lettering. Well, let’s remember that in the making of posters, the drawing and illustration of letters is used a lot. Since the intention of a poster is to convey a message, but… Does a poster artist only make posters? What other things can be done in this trade? Those questions will be answered in the next point.

What can be done in this trade?

Many limit the scope of this trade to the most obvious… Making posters. When you really can accomplish more. As a poster artist you will be someone capable of doing the following types of work:

  • Typographic logo design.
  • Large-scale murals.
  • Posters or posters.
  • Advertising banners.
  • Book covers.
  • Logos for TV series, anime or video games.
  • Covers for music records.
  • Design for t-shirts.

Among many other things. It is really possible to extend the reach of a poster artist, because we insist on what was previously said… Letters are everywhere. And it is possible to use them as a tool to create or reinforce the image of a brand. Therefore, the next time you are asked what a poster artist does, remember what was said in this list.

How to learn lettering?

If with everything said so far you find it interesting to start in this trade. The first thing you should be clear about is that you should learn to do lettering. It is really possible to learn to draw letters in many ways, some may be more empirical than others, however I am sure you are aiming for professional training. If this is the case, we highly recommend the lettering courses on the Domestika platform.

Domestika is essentially a web platform that allows you to buy creative courses online. They have courses in many trades related to design, and lettering is no exception. There are both for beginners and for people looking for something more advanced. I have taken some of these courses in particular, and I can say with total certainty that they are worth it.

Best of all, Domestika offers the possibility of delivering a certificate, so in addition to receiving the training and education to be a professional poster artist. You will also receive an official certificate that validates your learning.

And finally, if you are wondering what the requirements are for lettering, it all depends on your approach. If you lean towards manual or digital; I recommend digital more, not only because of its practicality (and because it will give you a greater scope when looking for work), but also because it is much cheaper. It’s just a matter of acquiring a digitizing tablet and voila, you have everything you need.

In this way we conclude the writing of this post. If all the content has been to your liking, we anticipate that you will be able to find more similar topics on our blog, such is the case of: How to embroider letters by hand.

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