How to Paint an Abstract Oil Painting?

It is common for lovers of the genre to buy paintings, some of them abstract, when it comes to decorating a room in the home, but what may interest you even more is the possibility of doing it yourself.

If you want to know how to paint an abstract oil painting, we are going to explain everything you need to know about this art, which is characterized by the absence of actual figures. This makes it somewhat easier than other styles.

Abstract paintings reached their peak in the 20th century, being a style of art that breaks with the conventional, which makes it very attractive to people. Beyond what can be seen with the naked eye, this type of painting is characterized by the feelings it manages to convey and what the viewer feels. Therein lies the true charm of this painting.

Instructions for painting an abstract oil painting

If you are interested in knowing how to paint an abstract oil painting, we are going to explain to you, step by step, everything you must do to achieve it. To do this you must follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, what you need to do is paint the canvas completely black. You must cover the background using a brush that is flat and wide. Take the black color and paint it all over the surface so that it is the same all over it. Once you have done it, you must wait for about an hour for it to dry.
  2. When the canvas has dried, it will be time to start creating your painting and giving it color. You can choose the color you prefer; it is always advisable to take into account the color wheel to find the colors that best fit with each other. Start spreading the mixture over different parts of the painting as you feel you should. For example, you can start by painting half of the painting horizontally or vertically.
  3. Once you have done the previous step, it is time to make another mixture and paint the other half with that color, thus following the same previous step. Then proceed to mix two other colors and use the fourth of them to paint half of one of the boxes you have made. Repeat this same process with several different colors.
  4. When you already have those squares painted, wait for the paint to dry and apply a layer of white, making it marbled.
  5. Once you have created the different parts of the oil, you can use a spatula or scraper, thanks to which you can create the texture. In this way, when using it you will be able to create veins and lines, being a step that is recommended to be done when the paint is still fresh, if you want it to have some relief.
  6. Then, with a smaller size scraper, you can mix the paint on the paintings, which will allow you to create a visual effect that can be very attractive.
  7. With the tip of the scraper you can mark the edges, as well as remove layers of paint to get to black.

With just these few steps you will begin to take your first steps when it comes to painting abstract oil paintings, although beyond theory, you will have to unfold your creativity and capture your feelings in painting.

The key is not to think, but rather to let the painting speak for you. This is modern art, an opportunity for amateur artists to unleash all their creativity without having to be limited. The only limitation is your own imagination.

What do you need to paint an abstract oil painting?

If you want to know how to paint an abstract oil painting, the first thing you should do is be clear about everything you need to create it, which are the following materials:

  •  Canvas: You will need a canvas (or several) to make your painting
  •  Painting: You must have paintings to use in your elaboration. For this type of art, acrylic or oil paint is used.
  •  Tools: To paint an oil you will need a palette, brushes, an easel…
  •  Clothing: It is advisable to use appropriate clothing for painting, that is, old clothes that you do not mind getting dirty. This way you can be totally focused on the painting.
  •  Color wheel: It is advisable to get a color wheel, since thanks to it you will be able to better understand the way in which you can carry out the combination of colors to paint your abstract painting with the best possible combination.

Tips for painting an abstract oil painting

Some tips to master this art are:

  • It is recommended that before you start looking for the ideal canvas, you make an effort to learn and you will achieve this through practice. You should try to practice as much as possible. As you make pictures you will be able to master the technique and have better results.
  • It is important that you make a good color distribution, making the colors fit with each other.

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